Clinical Studies

The Effect of Centrifugation Temperature Onsperm Retrieval,
Morphologyand Motilityparameters

For the majority of couples seeking treatment in assisted reproduction, the choice of most appropriate treatment is based on the quality of the ejaculate (sperm count, motility or morphology) or the source of the gametes (Tournaye, 2005). If the quality of the ejaculate can be further improved through existing preparation techniques, a greater variety of treatment options may become available to people who usually fall outside the requirement bracket for a certain line of treatment.

Temperature Controlled Centrifugation: - The Effect on Motion Characteristics of
Human Sperm

Sperm retrieval techniques form an integral part of the assisted reproductive programme. The success of sperm separation is measured by the number of motile sperm retrieved from a given semen sample. The influence of various technical procedures and diluent media upon human spermatozoa has been tested in vitro.